Porcelain Veneers

When done correctly, porcelain laminates or veneers are beautiful and extremely natural looking restorations. They can be utilized in many ways: to whiten dark or discolored teeth, to repair chipped or worn looking teeth, to close spaces or to correct minor crowding as well. The veneers are all porcelain restorations that are thin (.8 – 1 mm) but extremely strong.

One of the nicest things about veneers is how fast they are done. It is generally just two visits that are spaced about 2 weeks apart. At the first visit, impressions and photos are taken. The teeth are then prepared under local anesthesia. Preparing the teeth involves removing a thin layer of enamel from the front and sides of the tooth. This gives us the space needed to make an esthetic natural appearing veneer that is the correct size, shade, and shape. An impression is made of the prepared teeth and some temporary bonding is placed. At the second visit, the temporaries are removed and the final veneers are bonded into place.

Patients are always amazed with the ease of the process and are thrilled with the results. They tend to feel better about themselves and smile a lot more. Patients tell us that they are complimented on how they look although people can’t always pinpoint what it is that has changed. Sometimes these patients are told that they are lucky that they have such beautiful teeth – a testament to the natural appearance of veneers.